How to get rid of a cough

Common sicknesses can definitely hamper anyone from doing their basic day-to-day activities.  Although there are home remedies and professional medical services that can help anyone get rid of most of these sicknesses, the effects of the said remedies and medications might not be fast enough.  That might cause a problem for anyone who wants to get back to their normal lives, especially if the sickness that they have gotten severely hampers their productivity.  One of the most common of these sicknesses is the common cough.  As previously mentioned, there already are a number of coughing remedies available that might effectively get rid of coughing, but it is still important to know what a cough is, its causes, symptoms, and the different ways to get rid of a cough and prevent it in order to make sure that it does not hamper our day to day activities.

What is a cough?

So what is coughing and how does it affect an individual’s health?  Generally speaking, a cough is either a voluntary or involuntary action that occurs when our body’s breathing passage is trying to expel something that is either blocking or irritating it, usually with the form of foreign materials and microbes.  Coughing is a very noisy and repetitive reflex that usually signifies that either a person is choking, has asthma, has inhaled a lot of dust particles of is very sick.  Below you can find the different and most common reasons why an individual might be coughing:

 – there might be situations where an individual may find himself or herself in various situations where they are forced to cough because of different external stimuli that has nothing to do with being sick of contracting a disease.  Some of the most common causes can be found below:

  • Foreign bodies.  Most of the time different external stimuli are the main cause of an individual’s coughing, and that normally happens when a foreign object enters our breathing pathways, which automatically prompts our body to eject it forcefully.  One of the most common instance is choking on a very large piece of food stuck in our esophagus
  • Air pollution or pollutants.  The main culprit here is smoking and the different air pollutants.  The particles of smoke definitely triggers something in our system to trigger coughing, that is why anyone who is not a natural smoker experience coughing during the rush hours of the day when we get to inhale large amounts of smoke from different sources
  • Habit coughing.  This is more of a psychological problem, because this is a habit formed when an individual is coughing by force of habit.  This type of coughing might be dangerous and will definitely result in the scarring of your throat in the long term.  Because this is more of a psychological problem, there is no known coughing remedies for this type of situation but to seek professional help


MEDICAL CONDITIONS – these situations are the most common causes of coughing, and if an individual discovers that he or she might be infected by any one of the following conditions it might be a really good idea to know how to get rid of a cough by going straight to a medical professional:

  • Asthma.  This is one of the most common causes of coughing, and is also one of the easiest to treat.  Asthma is a form of a hereditary disease, and different ways to get rid of a cough caused by asthma is already available if you just ask the correct specialist or medical professional
  • Respiratory tract infections.  The common cold is also one of the main causes of coughing because of the presence of phlegm.  Other respiratory tract infections that might be a serious cause of coughing are tuberculosis and pneumonia
  • Stomach symptoms.  These types of coughing might be new to most of us, because the main problem here is the development of gastoesophageal reflux, or stomach diseases, with symptoms such as sour taste in the mouth and moderate chest pains
  • Disease.  As diseases mutate, so does the symptoms.  Most diseases have an effect on the respiratory tract of the body, which in turn triggers the coughing reflex.  While most of the coughing lacks the presence of phlegm, it might still pose as a problem because of the general invasiveness of a cough


Coughing is also known to be associated with the cold and flu, and sometimes this trio can create the perfect storm that can definitely affect the health and long-term situation of the human body.  Coughing in itself is already a very annoying situation that is extremely difficult to deal with, but when left unchecked it might cause the development of other diseases that might prove to be extremely detrimental to a person’s health.

What are the different kinds of cough?

In order for one to know the different remedies for a cough and the proper knowledge on how to get rid of a cough, one must first know what the different types of cough that affects the lives of millions of individuals throughout the world.  It will be easier to get rid of a cough if you already know the causes and symptoms before seeking for professional medical expertise or applying different home remedies:

WET COUGH (also known as productive cough).  The general cause of a wet cough is phlegm.  Generally, bacterial infection is the primary suspect in developing this kind of cough, which is usually characterized by chesty coughs.  This cough is most commonly associated with the common cold, which is a general cause of phlegm.  Breathing becomes very restricted and if an individual can get rid of the phlegm that developed in the lungs and the breathing tract then breathing will become much easier.

Wet coughs can be very irritating because it is usually accompanied by a cold and coughing can get quite messy.  This type of cough can also be very contagious because most of the phlegm produced by the cough might find their way flying on different directions especially if the individual coughing does not cover his or her mouth.

DRY COUGH (also known as non-productive cough).  It might come as a surprise, but dry coughing is also generally associated with the development of phlegm, but in a much stickier and compact.  This type of phlegm causes the dry and irritating sensation an individual gets when coughing, especially on the throat area.  This can be a very bothersome cough because it can usually wake you up even while sleeping and can be a serious concern when you are trying to concentrate doing something.  Dry coughing can sound extremely unhealthy, and it is determined that dry coughing may be a cause of more serious diseases, so it might be a really good idea to seek medical attention if you get a dry cough.

TUTORIAL SECTION – Effective ways to get rid of coughing

Now that we covered what is coughing and the different types of cough and their probable causes, we are now ready to move on to the getting rid of a cough tutorial.  As previously stated, there are different types of coughs and the different remedies for a cough can also be categorized into two major options: the medicinal and non-medicinal.

MEDICINAL OPTIONS - These are the official options that are highly recommended by medical professionals in making sure that you get rid of coughing.  Although these options and the ingestion of these drugs differ from the type of cough being experienced, it might still be a good idea to enumerate the different ways on how to get rid of a cough to make sure that everything gets covered.

  • Expectorants.  These types of medications are best used if you have wet and non-productive coughs.  Expectorants help clears your chest and lung with the mucus developed by the diseases which causes cough and gets rid of these mucus that is not expelled through coughing.  Expectorants may be purchased over the counter, but it is highly advised that an individual seek the advice of a medical professional first
  • Suppressants.  Productive coughs are usually prevented by taking suppressants, though it is highly advised by most experts not to take any type of medication to suppress it.  Coughing is still a way for your body to expel any type of foreign material from your body, particularly your lungs, so by suppressing coughing you are preventing your body to effectively expel whatever it is that needs to get out from your system.
  • The Vitamin C solution.  Vitamin C is not only a proven solution to get rid of pesky common cold, but it is also a proven remedy for a cough.  Vitamin C should be taken every 4 hours in order to provide the maximum results.

NON-MEDICINAL OPTIONS – while most people with coughs go to the doctor to get diagnosed and ask for prescription medication, some coughing remedies are also non-medicinal in nature and can definitely rival the effects of those prescribed drugs without the harmful side effects.

  • The water therapy solution.  Hydrating yourself is one of the most effective methods to make sure you get rid of all the sticky phlegm that developed during your sickness.  One of the most effective methods to maximize water therapy is as follows:
  1. Drink 2 glasses of water immediately after you wake up and before taking breakfast
  2. Make sure to drink a total of 8 to 10 glasses per day
  3. Do not limit yourself to drinking water alone but refrain from drinking any type of carbonated drinks for now
  • The tea solution.  Drinking tea is not only an effective way of getting skinny, it is also a very good source of anti-oxidants and an effective way of getting warmth inside your body with a definite cleansing feeling
  • The Lemon and Honey Solution.  Mixing this concoction is a very effective way of ingesting more Vitamin C.  TO prepare a solution:
  1. Slice a lemon and either use a juicer to get the maximum number of juices out or squeeze by hand
  2. Mix a small teaspoon of honey to balance the acidity of the lemon
  3. If the lemon and honey mixture is still too sour, try mixing a small amount of hot water to make it easier to drink
  4. Do this two or three times a day, one in the morning and one before going to bed
  • The Kadha Solution.  This might be the first time anyone has heard of this drink, and it might take a little time to prepare but this concoction has proven to provide instant relief to non-stop coughing.  Prepare the following:
  1. Bring 3 glasses to a boil
  2. Add 4 black cardamon, 10 black peppers, 10 leaves of basil and 1 piece of cinnamon
  3. Bring to a boil and reduce until about 1 glass of the solution remains
  4. Set aside until boiling subsides and warm enough to drink
  5. Drink solution thrice a day until the cough goes completely away
  • The Nutmeg Powder solution.  This spice is proven to have healing properties attributed to it.  It can also help with various indigestion problems.  If you are not a big fan to drinking too much water then you can try the following:
  1. Eat a teaspoon of nutmeg powder as soon as you wake up
  2. Try to ingest slowly to avoid choking or coughing
  3. Avoid drinking water or eating anything from a minimum of 15 minutes after ingesting the powder
  4. Do this once a day until your coughing is fully gone

OTHER OPTIONS - Cough remedies are definitely not limited to the ingestion of several medicinal and non-medicinal drugs and substances; there are different home remedies available that will definitely help any individual with coughing problems.

  • The salt and warm water solution.  One of the causes of dry cough is sore throat.  While you can ingest different lozenges to ease the pain, it might be a good solution to gargle warm water and salt.  To do this, you must prepare the following:
  1. Boil a glass of water and set aside
  2. Add a teaspoon of salt and mix thoroughly until solution is clear
  3. Gargle solution everyday for 2 – 3 times a day until throat feels clear
  • Breathing exercises.  Stopping for a while and re-learning how to breathe might be a really good option for anyone, especially if they are tired of continuously coughing non-stop.  These exercises may be simply done by lying down, sitting or standing up, relaxing and breathing heavily inward through the nose and exhaling out the mouth.  Do these exercises several times a day to earn a break from all the endless coughing and help your body get the sufficient amount of oxygen
  • The Vicks Vaporub solution.  Rubbing your chest, back, throat and feet with a eucalyptic solution like Vicks Vaporub not only relieves the pain of coughing, but it also gives you freedom to breathe thanks to the menthol present in the ingredients of the rub.  Do this as many times in a day as necessary
  • The steamy warm shower solution.  It is also a really good idea to take a very warm shower if you find yourself coughing too much.  Just make sure that the water is warm enough and do not stay in the water for too long and risk aggravating your body further

Tips to stop cough on its tracks

While there are indeed different ways of getting rid of a cough, it is still generally a very good idea to prevent it from happening instead of treating it once it is bothering us to the point of being a really annoying nuisance in our lives.  Below you can find different tips in making sure that you do not develop coughs from cold and other factors:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.  By making sure you are not only eating healthy but also staying healthy, you make sure that you do not develop major diseases but also ensure that your body is strong enough to be able to fight off the most common diseases and viruses.  The common cold and coughing are only some of the diseases that can definitely be eliminated by a very healthy lifestyle.  It might still be possible to contact these through different means, but you will be able to resist most of the common causes of these diseases.  Taking multi-vitamins can also help you live a very healthy lifestyle and can help boost your immune system by providing the body with the essential vitamins it needs that you normally do not get by eating alone
  • Drink lots of water.  Most people do not know this, but hydrating yourself is a very important habit that can not only get rid of a cough but can also assure you a very healthy body.  Drinking lots of water is also proven to stop most common diseases from developing, and can definitely help the body flush out those unhealthy toxins that we have accumulated throughout the years
  • Exercise.  Exercise is not only good to maintain physical shape and get a bikini body, it is also important to make sure that you have enough physical activity to keep your body well maintained.  Exercise coupled with a well balanced lifestyle and proper diet is also scientifically proven to increase the body’s immune system, therefore effectively making sure that your body is strong enough to resist common causes of sickness and diseases
  • Stop smoking.  This might be easier said than done, especially for individuals who developed a very problematic smoking habit.  It is already established that smoking can be dangerous to your health and is also proven to be a direct cause of cancer, one of the deadliest diseases known to man.  A smoker’s cough, also known as a dry cough, is known to be developed through the habit of smoking.  Smoking is also known to decrease the immune system dramatically, which can lead to an individual contacting several diseases and sickness more easily
  • Wash your hands regularly.  Regular washing of hands can definitely help you make sure to stay clean and disease free especially during meal times.  During the course of a single day, a person is said to have put his hand near his or her mouth about several hundred times, which makes the hand one of the causes of disease and sickness transference.  Hand sanitizing may also be used in conjunction with regular hand washing to make sure that you keep your hands as disease free as possible.
  • Do not hesitate to cover your nose and mouth.  This might be more of a social gesture or you might just want to make sure that you do not look rude, but if a person is already exhibiting coughing, do not be shy to cover your mouth.  Most diseases like types of coughing and the common cold are airborne contracted, meaning that viruses are more likely to travel up on your exposed mouth or through inhalation.  It might be a matter of life and death when you try to protect yourself from contracting any kind of airborne virus.  If you do not have a handkerchief to cover your mouth, your hand will do as long as you fully cover your nose and mouth
  • Make sure to get a regular medical check-up.  Make the regular checkup a part of your yearly or even monthly routine.  It is important that you know your medical and physical condition so that you know how healthy you are and what you need to make adjustments in your lifestyle.
  • Consult a doctor immediately.  Even though you might know how to get rid of a cough, it is still heavily advised that you consult a doctor immediately once you start developing symptoms of coughing for any reason.  While different home remedies can definitely make your life comfortable and eventually stop your cough, it is still important to know the exact cause of your cough.  Some diseases are known to be malignant in nature, meaning that they mask their nature with the use of a known common disease, so it might be a good idea to make sure that you are not developing any type of serious and fatal disease.  It might be expensive and time consuming, but getting an expert medical opinion is a batter option that unknowingly letting an undetected virus spread in your system.

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