How to get rid of Birds

Birds can make for perilous situation for people that are trying to maintain their own homes.  Birds have the ability to procreate extremely fast, and they have a reputation for carrying diseases that can be harmful to people. Fortunately if you are seeking how to get rid of birds, there are a few ways to alleviate yourself of a bird problem in a manner which is not in-humane to the birds, while still being highly effective.  Birds are looked upon as pest because they have the capacity to wreak damage on dwellings and buildings, as well as having the reputation for carrying disease and parasites.  They usually build their nest on rooftops, and sometimes inside the gutters or on outside ledges of buildings.  Sometimes you can even find a bird’s nest around and air conditioner on a building.  They have a great love and appreciation for forming their own communities in buildings that are abandoned, and on statues; and they will do well in these locations for as long as there’s a sufficient enough supply of food for them.  When the Food Supply diminishes or goes away for whatever reason, earth will tend to move on as well to a new location to where food supplies are more readily available to them.

How to get rid of birds

Should birds decide to take up a dwelling area in which you reside, there are a few things that a homeowner can try to utilize for the purpose of getting rid of birds.  When going up against any kind of vermin such as birds the best way to start is to always start with prevention if at all possible.  You should put forth the effort to locate and then to close off any possible nesting places with the use of screens or filters.  The screens can be easily obtained at most neighborhood hardware stores or larger department stores with a lawn and garden department.  Other things that people have successfully used to prevent birds from coming around would be burden pellets, roosting spikes, and in some cases even scarecrows.  Some people utilize scarecrows that look like Owls, others have used such things as cats Or snakes, sometimes even humans in an effort to scare away potential birds from nesting on their property.  In order to obtain the best possible results from these, you need to make sure that whichever type of scarecrow you utilize that appears to be as lifelike as possible.  Even birds can spot something that is obviously fake. So if you’re going to utilize a scarecrow then you must make certain that it is truly a lifelike one, something that looks so realistic that it even looks authentically real to you.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you also have the option of using a chemical alternative in your efforts to get rid of birds; there are chemicals available that have the ability to make the birds feel uncomfortable as they attempt to sit in their nest.  Apparently it causes some sort of irritation to their feet to the point where they will seek out alternative housing rather than stay there and do with the discomfort that they get from sitting in their chemically treated nest.  Now there are chemicals available to consumers that will actually kill the birds instead of just making it uncomfortable for them.  The problem with this chemical is that it does not discriminate on what it will kill so it will not only get rid of your bird’s it will get rid of all the birds that have to come in contact with them as well as any small animals or even a household pet.  So if you were to consider using a chemical of this kind and would be advised that you used it in a very controlled environment so that other things did not come in contact with it other than the birds that you are trying to repel.  This chemical is considered to be an extreme measure for doing something like repelling birds, but extreme is just one vital alternative to how to get rid of birds.

Most bird experts agree that the absolute most efficient way to get rid of birds is to somehow diminish Food Supply.  If you have a bird problem and are aware how they’re feeding themselves, and you happen to have access to this particular supply; then this will be the absolute most effective and efficient way for you to rid yourself of your bird situation.  Sometimes getting rid of birds is as easy as cutting off the place from where they get their food.  You know that these birds tend to feed around garbage areas and you must put forth the effort to make certain that the garbage areas that they would normally feed from are first of all cleaned up, and then secondly sealed in such a way so that the birds do not get access to the trash that is put there.  The good thing to do anyway for the General Health and well-being of everyone that dwells in a particular area.  No trash should be left open for a bird’s or any other kind of vermin to get to and feed upon, trash stored in such a manner will sometimes attract things to your dwelling area way more severe than a couple of birds; so keep this in mind when you are taking out your trash and make certain that your trash is contained and sealed in such a way so the birds or nothing else can get to it and feed upon it.

As the seasons change and the new spring arrives, it is not at all unusual for birds to begin arriving as well.  This is usually the beginning of the time where birds begin to encroach upon lawns and gardens and oftentimes even our dwellings.  The springtime is usually the most prevalent time of the year or homeowners will usually find themselves spending significant amounts of money in an effort to control the bird population and then around their dwelling, as well as cleaning up and repairing those things that need to be addressed for what birds have done.  Most bird experts agree that the best and most efficient way to rid yourself of your bird problem is to invest your money and time in actual repellents, and fortunately for those that are seeking how to get rid of birds, there are many deterrents that people have choose from to help to rid their homes and dwelling areas of excess bird activities.  Many of these repellants are considered to be most affordable and easy to utilize.  Many individuals find bird spikes to be a great way to keep birds away from their home; these will keep them from nesting in and around their home.  Birds have a very difficult time navigating around the spikes and quickly must to move on to someplace else where they do not have to deal with them.

Can birds make you a hard time

The spikes also worked like a charm in areas such as patio covers, fences, level surfaces which a property owner would find birds to be an issue.  A lot of people really appreciate good results that they get from using birds nesting; this is a deterrent that is primarily used to keep pesky birds away from areas like those that can be found under the eaves of a physical dwelling place.  If you happen to be having an issue with woodpeckers or swallows, its possible for you to take this netting on the side of your dwelling going from the edge of the roof towards the side of your house to keep these birds away.  If you have certain types of plants and shrubbery that have been having bird issues, then this is another area in which you can possibly utilize the netting to keep certain types of birds away from bushes, shrubbery and things that bear fruit that birds would like to eat upon.  Another item that can be utilized which is a little more mechanical would be bird sweeps.  These are mechanical things that shews birds away with rotating arms.  These things are usually solar powered and they contain batteries that are rechargeable so that they can actually operate at night also.  These are great for keeping castaways such as pigeons and other large birds from certain areas of your home such as the patio, your boats and even your docks.

For those of you that are still trying to figure out how to get rid of birds, I also want you to consider the option of driving birds away from your dwelling area or property with the use of a sound deterrent.  Sound deterrents are units that play recorded sounds of predatory animals loud enough so that the birds will hear it and be scared away.  The sounds are almost always predator calls and distress calls, which the unit will play, unspecified times in sequence.  The sounds that are emitted from these units will alert the birds to the fact that there is impending danger for them and that they need to vacate the area.  If you’re considering the use of this type of a repellent as opposed to spikes or a chemical, make certain that you purchase a sonic version that emits the Sonics sound; and you want to make certain that the unit you purchase is waterproof because you will be using it out of doors to drive away the pesky birds from your dwelling.  Some of the better sound deterring units give you the ability to select the type of sound that you wanted it to emit to target a specific bird or birds.  Depending on how you program the unit can blast specific sounds to scare off specific types of birds that you may desire to target.

If you’re not interested in going so high tech to get rid of birds, you can also consider using something that is called flash tape.  Flash tape is something that is traditionally used to keep birds away from things that grow on your property such as plants, fruits and everything else that grows; and your property that you don’t want birds to eat up.  If you plan on using it in a garden area then this can be easily attached to a poll that you would stick in your garden, and when the wind blows and begins to cause the shine of the Mylar tape to flicker, the rays of the sun striking from off of the Mylar has a tendency to irritate birds and this will motivate birds to steer clear of your garden, or whatever area that you utilize this in.  You can also utilize something called scare balloons which pretty much work the same way as the Mylar tape, these balloons also create an environment that is visually unappealing to birds and motivates them to move on to other areas rather than yours.  Loans can be placed on the eaves of the dwelling to even keep woodpeckers from coming around and bothering the dwelling.  There also really great for using on such things as fruit trees to protect them from pesky birds.

Another obvious way to have good success in getting rid of birds would be to make certain that you are not feeding them intentionally or inadvertently.  Do a thorough inspection of your dwelling, in the area around your property to make certain that there is nothing there that the birds would want to dine on.  Birds love to reside in areas where food is plentiful and easily available for them.  You make it a challenge for them to feed on your property or in the area of your dwelling, this is one of the most efficient and effective ways causing birds to move on and to not hang around your property.  So basically you want to make certain that you are not a perfect host to the birds in your community.  It is common knowledge that when you want birds to hang around all you have to do is feed them on a consistent basis.  They will show up like clockwork, ready for the next feeding.  Likewise, when people have food items available for birds on their property,  once birds recognize that your property is a place where they can go for a steady source of food, always be able to count on them to return so that they can eat.

When it comes to birds taking up a residency around your dwelling, it seems that the most desired area for them to do this is in the area of your rooftop or your antic.  Birds tend to be attracted to these areas for obvious reasons, the greatest of which being these are very hard areas for people and predatory animals to get to them.  It is highly unlikely cats are going to climb their way up to the attic area of your home in order to get to a bird, not that it hasn’t happened, it  is just highly unlikely; and would rather wait for the bird to come down to ground level and to take their chances at pouncing on the bird.  So in addition to birds looking for a place to feed on a consistent basis also tend to be security conscious, they will scout out the location for them which tends to be highly up and removed from other predatory threats.  The best way for you to deal with the situation is to try to find the openings that the birds utilized to get into your attic and to seal these up with whatever is necessary.  There are plenty of items available for you at a local hardware store that you can utilize to seal a lot of holes, cracks, or whatever else the bird may be using to gain access into your attic.

The solution to get rid of birds

For those of you that are totally green, there is always the good old fashioned way of getting rid of birds, and that is to use a water hose and to chase them away when they are around. If you persist and do this on a consistent basis the birds will usually get the hint that they are not wanted, and ultimately not return to the area for fear of getting sprayed with the water hose. This will require some dedication on your part of course, because if this is not something that you do consistently then you will not sufficiently train the birds to stay away from your property. For people that do not want to us a chemical alternative to keep them away, you are going to have to resign yourself to be consistent with the water hose. Some people have even resorted to programming their watering systems to automatically kick on around the most prominent time that birds would show up on the property, and the lawn sprinklers will chase them away. This requires quite a bit more dedication and effort, but for some it beats the alternative of using the chemicals to deal with the bird issue, because some people do not want to risk exposing their family or pets to the toxic chemicals and adversely affecting their health.

If by chance you happen to be completely against the use of any kind of chemicals, or spikes, or netting, or any such thing that might bring physical harm or death to the birds; then you might want to seriously consider utilizing the services of a professional pest control company that specializes in the control in removal of birds.  Even though this choice of action comes at considerable expense, for some individuals it is well worth the money as they consider it and infinitely more humane way of dealing with a bird problem.  Some of the same companies also provide services for cleaning up pigeon droppings in and around your property, in an effort to help reduce the chances of incurring any kind of illness of from the top six toxicants that pigeon droppings contain.  So this is a more expensive alternative but it is a viable alternative nonetheless.  This is a service that is commonly used by commercial entities such as airports and effort to make certain that birds do not congregate to have only around them and that they end up in the engines are planes arriving and departing.


Much less of a how to get rid of birds tutorial, this article simply strives to share some fundamental information on how someone may deal with a situation in which the need to get rid of birds from their dwelling or from their properties.  When you consider what sort of impact that an excessive amount of birds can have upon a community, whether you own a business or dwelling, birds are without a doubt a very serious problem when they exist in abundance and take on the reputation of pest.  These feathered fowl have been known to occasionally cause health problems for the people which they dwell around and some of these problems have ended up to be fatal for the people they do have the ability and capacity of spreading diseases either by way of the bird droppings, or from some of the insects physical birds can carry themselves.  This is why it is of vital importance that if someone is struggling with an issue dealing with an overabundance of birds in their dwelling or on their property that they need to learn how to get rid of birds not only for their own health and well-being, all for the proper maintenance and keeping of their own personal properties.  So should you find yourself in a situation in which you are dealing with an overabundance of birds on your property or in your dwelling place, do not take the situation lightly.  The very presence of these creatures in abundance in your space is putting your life and your health in peril as well as the health and well-being your family and anyone else that is present.  Seek immediate console and health and do what you have to do to eradicate the situation as soon as possible.  This is the only way to assure at the bird infestation will not adversely affect you or your household in the long run.

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