The ultimate guide on how to lose weight naturally

What if you were told that you can lose weight without need to starve yourself, take diet pills, or hit the gym every day?  Well good news, you can.  But it does take some discipline.  If you are willing to be discipline and stay the course with your weight loss goals, then losing weight naturally won’t be a problem.

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With that said, here are 10 tips to help you lose weight naturally.

1)   Walk More

Some experts recommend walking 10,000 steps a day; 10,000 steps a day would equal roughly five miles of walking per day.  If you are able to do that right off the bat, you are going to lose weight in no time.  But if you are like most people, your schedule or your fitness level will not allow you to walk 5 miles a day.  But you should gradually try to build up to those 10,000 steps.

You would be surprised at how fast you can walk per day.  Imagine this: a 20-minute walk to the bus stop in the morning is almost a mile.  A 20-minute walk to the bus stop after work is another mile.  And if you take a quick five minute break to get in your walks, that is another 2 miles during your workday.  That’s already 4 miles accounted for.

2)   Make Your Own Food

Not only does eating out cost more money, but it is also loaded with calories; the food in restaurants is laden with grease and saturated fats.  This is partially the reason why college students gain so much weight during their first year of college (colloquially termed the “freshman 15”).  A serving of Phad Thai at your favorite Thai cuisine can be anywhere from 800 to 1000 calories per order.  And if you like fast food, a Big Mac meal at McDonald’s is over 1500 calories.  An average female’s caloric intake is only 1800 calories per day and an average male’s daily caloric intake is only 2000 calories per day.  So by eating a serving of Phad Thai, you will have eaten half of your daily caloric intake. Eating a Big Mac meal will have cost you most of your body’s caloric need for the day.  Now compare this to a homemade chicken breast, eaten with a whole potato, a glass of milk, and some veggies.  Not only this latter home-cooked option more nutritious, it only contains a fraction of the calories.

3)   Increase your Fiber Content

Believe it or not fiber, is actually an extremely important component to losing weight.  Having enough fiber in your system allows your body to properly digest food as well as naturally detox your body of toxins.  It is also a happy coincidence that many of the foods high in fiber are also extremely healthy and low in calories, such as oatmeal and green vegetables.  So make it a habit to eat oatmeal every morning and vegetables a few times a day.

4)   Make Sure to Get Enough Protein

A lot of women are hesitant to eat protein (knowingly) because they are afraid to get bulky.  That is simply not true.  On the contrary, protein will help you with your weight loss by make you feel fuller and help your muscles recover after working out.

5)   Stay Away from Simple Carbs

Although many diet programs tell you to stay away from carbs, that advice is simply misguided.  Carbs are one of the three primary forms of energy the body uses and are essential to a optimally functional body.  However, what you should stay away from are simple carbs.  Simple carbs are carbs that offer no nutritional value aside from the calories it contains.  Foods that are high in simple cards are bread, pasta, and sweets.

6)   Stay Away from the Dressing

Don’t make something healthy unhealthy.  If you are eating dressing with your salad, you are essentially negating the good by covering it with dressing.  Dressing offers no nutritional value and is jam-packed with calories your body doesn’t need.

7)   Don’t Starve Yourself

Starving yourself is not an effective way to lose weight.  Not only does it deprive the body of the proper nutrients it needs, it also makes you binge eat.  And by binge eating, you will end up taking in many more calories than your body needs.  In addition, starving will make your body fatigued, which in turn, leads to fewer calories expended.

8)   Get enough sleep

Believe it or not, sleep has a great deal to do with your weight.  The lack of sleep affects two hormones that play a central role in weight gain; leptin and ghrelin.  Leptin tells your body when it is full and ghrelin is the hormone that stimulates your appetite.  So when you do not get enough sleep, leptin is decreased in your body and ghelin is increased.  So by not sleeping enough, your body will tell you to eat more.

9)   Eat Slowly

Surprisingly, the pace we eat at is also a factor in losing weight.  This is because our bodies do not know if it is full until 15-30 minutes after initial intake of our food.  So by eating slowly, you are giving the body a chance to process the food and tell you that it is full before you gorge everything down.

10) Drink Coffee

Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant.  So if you have trouble controlling your appetite, drink coffee between your meals.  But when drinking coffee, do not put a lot of extra sweetener, milk, or cream in.  That would just defeat the purpose of drinking coffee.  If you need to flavor your coffee, do so with 2% milk (or soy) while going light on the sweeteners.

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